The BoilerGuard is a low-cost complete plant room safety system providing a central interface for all common safety systems such as fire alarms, thermal links and gas sensors. With the option to include gas pressure proving, this can also, be used when flame failure devices are not fitted.

Any combination of sensors from the FGS range can be connected by simply wiring in parallel, cutting down on installation costs. The communication interface allows all sensor information to be displayed on the panel, this includes gas type, concentration, status, alarms and calibration data.

The relay outputs allow the unit to be connected to external systems or alarm beacons and the latching facility combined with the additional device interfaces offer the flexibility to cover any application.


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Key Features

  • Can connect with up to 16 Gas Sensors
  • Clear LCD Indication
  • Proving or Non-proving selectable
  • Auto-reset following power failure
  • Fire alarm test bypass timer
  • 24VDC auxiliary power output to power 4-6 Flamefast Gas Sensors dependant on sensor type. External power supply required for additional.
  • Additional Interfaces for:
    • Thermal Links, Ventilation Systems, Remote Emergency Stop Buttons and Fire Alarm Systems
  • Sensor calibration reminder
  • Alarm 1, Alarm 2 and Fault relays
  • Selectable relay latching function
  • 5 Year Warranty

Technical Specification

Power Supply 100 - 250 VAC 50/60 Hz
Consumption (Max) 40W
Outputs Gas Solenoid - Switched Mains
Alarm 1 - SPDT - 5A @ 250V Max
Alarm 2 - SPDT - 5A @ 250V Max
Fault - SPST - 5A @ 250V Max
IP Rating IP65
Approval CE

External Device Interfaces

24V Out Auxiliary Supply (300mA Max) for FGS
Pressure Trans Monitors Proving Transmitter
Gas Sensor BACnet Interface for Gas Sensor
Ventilation 24V Signal to monitor external VFC
Thermal Link 24V Signal to monitor external VFC
Fire Alarm 24V Signal to monitor external VFC
Remote Stop 24V Signal to monitor external VFC


Height 180 mm
Width 180 mm / 190 mm including Hinge
Depth 60 mm / 65 mm including Stop Button

Basic Operation

The BoilerGuard has three buttons on the front:

Reset - The BoilerGuard Alarm 1 and 2 relays are activated depending on the sensor conditions. Following an alarm the reset button can be used to reset any relays that are set to latch including the Gas Valve output which will shut down if any sensor reaches Alarm 2..

Mute - If there are any gas alarms, this can be used to silence the panel for 15 minutes. If this is held in for 10 seconds, this will also reset any non-latching alarm relays for 2 minutes.

Test - The operation of the Test button is dependent on the panel status:

  • If the panel is live without any alarm conditions, holding this button in for 10 seconds will enable the Fire Alarm bypass. The Fire Alarm interface will be ignored for 30 minutes to allow tests to be carried out.
  • Following an alarm (prior to reset), holding the Test button for 5 seconds each will change the state of the Alarm 1, Alarm 2 and Fault relays.

Installer Selectable Options

  • Proving or Non-proving
  • Auto-reset
  • Alarm 1 Latching
  • Alarm 2 Latching

Part Numbers & Options / Accessories

Part No Description
BG-PO BoilerGuard Panel (Non-proving)
BG-PT00 BoilerGuard c/w Pressure Transmitter (Proving)

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