What is adequate ventilation?

Ventilation is one of the most important factors in helping reduce the relative risk of the airborne transmission of COVID-19. As we head into winter the amount of time we spend outdoors reduces, as does our natural inclination to open windows to provide proper ventilation, so how do you know if the air you breathe in work or at school is safe?

Recent reports from SAGE and CIBSE stress the importance of ventilation and confirm that monitoring CO2 levels can provide an indication of poor ventilation and poor air quality, which increases the risk of airborne transmission.

All industry and government guidance requires ventilation rates to be increased and refer to ‘l/s per person’ and ‘air changes per hour’, however these figures often mean very little to the occupants and as a large proportion of buildings are naturally ventilated (opening windows), without the use of a CO2 Monitor there is no way to measure or verify that these ventilation rates are being achieved.

The Flamefast CO2 Monitor is already widely used in Schools and Offices for this application and provides a cost-effective solution with a bold, easy to follow traffic light indication to prompt further ventilation.

Flamefast can provide guidance for all applications as the implementation, configuration and use of CO2 Monitors must be in line with the site-specific requirements. The room size and occupancy have a correlation to the ventilation requirements, whereas larger or low occupancy spaces with a greater number of air changes to reduce the risk of airborne transmission therefore the target CO2 level will be lower. The CO2 has two installer selectable programs depending on the usage of the space;

Amber Red Application
1,000 ppm 1,500 ppm Densely occupied spaces such as classrooms
800 ppm 1,000 ppm Low occupancy or large volume spaces such as offices, or rooms used for things such as singing or physical activity

The CO2M is a hard-wired fixed device, with a typical life span in excess of 10 years so is a quick fix as well as a long-term solution. Once installed the self-calibrating sensor is maintenance free and provides full compliance with all government and industry guidance.

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