The Dangers Of Gas


We all know the dangers of gas in the home. The more savvy of us know that the smell we generally associate with a gas leak isn't a compound that naturally occurs with the standard carbon-hydrogen compound. The noxious smell is added to give us a olfactory warning that the vapours are escaping.

This happens because gas can be a silent killer. Everybody will agree that we should have better gas detection tools around our home. Hopefully, we have systems at work that provide us with 100% piece of mind.

About gas safety

Gas is always explained as a one of the safest, clean burning fossil fuels. It's so common we talk more about people who don't use it, than those who do. It's biggest asset is also its biggest problem…. it's highly combustible. Poor gas safety can increase the risks of fire and explosions at home and in the workplace.  We're susceptible to ignitions such as electrical sparks, flames and various other triggers you probably haven't heard of.

The tole on the human body can be just as harmful, with symptoms ranging from headaches to asphyxia. It's famous byproduct, carbon monoxide, is particularly harmful to humans and animals alike

Working with gas as part of your business.

We've looked at the effect on the individual in the home, now think of the workplace. Their are a variety of gasses, used for a multitude of different applications. The obvious scenario's include commercial kitchens, building management situations, school science labs and so on. Most commercial premises involved with manufacturing will certainly need to be aware of gas safety and should have gas detection systems in place.

In a working environment you have a duty of care for all your employees', so their safety and wellbeing should be the top priority. The law is very clear on who is responsible should the unthinkable happen. A gas leak could not only destroy your premises, irreparably harm your brand and endanger customers and colleagues alike. It can also end in a prison sentence for those in charge who don't comply with regulations.

Flamefast offer lots of products associated with Gas Detections. Such as gas sensors that work directly with our GasGuard systems. We have a variety of high grade gas monitors, sensors, audio and visual alarms. All our products have been rigorously tested and comply with the government regulations.

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