The ServiceGuard is a combined gas proving and services isolation system and is designed to meet the requirements of IGEM/UP/11 Edition 2 for gas safety and provide complete control for the water and electric supplies. With a single key switch to enable, each service can be turned On or Off individually depending on the requirements.

With a backlit LCD, the ServiceGuard will provide a clear indication of any issues with external devices such as ventilation systems, and will provide details of gas pressures and Gas Sensor levels.

The ServiceGuard is designed to isolate all services when the room is vacant to protect the area from misuse or vandalism.


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Key Features

  • Clear LCD indication & instructions
  • No commissioning required
  • Annual Service Reminder
  • 24VDC auxiliary power output
  • Interfaces for:
    • Gas Sensors, CO2 Sensors, Ventilation Systems, Remote Emergency Stop Buttons
  • Built in time delays to avoid nuisance tripping
  • Three options available:
    • Gas & Water Isolation
    • Gas & Electric Isolation
    • Gas, Water & Electric Isolation
  • 5 Year Warranty

Technical Specification

Power Supply 100 -250VAC 50/60Hz
Consumption (Max) 40W
Power Output Gas Solenoid - Switched Mains
Water Solenoid - Switched Mains
Electrical Contractor - Switched Mains
IP Rating IP65 (Providing rear entry sealed)
Approval CE

External Device Interfaces

Valve Status SPST - 5A @ 250V Max
Pressure Trans Monitors Proving Transmitter
24V Out Auxiliary Supply (300mA Max) for CO2T, FGS ∓ FCMON
Gas Sensor BACnet Interface for Gas Sensors
CO2 Sensor 24V Signal to monitor external VFC
Intake Fan 24V Signal to monitor external VFC
Extract Fan 24V Signal to monitor external VFC
Remote Stop 24V Signal to monitor external VFC


Height 180 mm
Width 180 mm / 190 mm including Hinge
Depth 60 mm / 65 mm including Stop ∓ Key Switch

Basic Operation

Turning the key switch to ON will enable the system and each service can be switched ON or OFF, although after 30 seconds the Gas, Water or Electric buttons will need to be held for 3 seconds to enable or disable.

Upon receiving a fault signal from any external devices, the ServiceGuard will ensure that the gas is isolated to prevent any potential issues and the LCD will advise exactly what the issue is and how to rectify it.

Turning the key switch to the OFF position or pressing the panel stop button will isolate all services.

The internal Open and Display buttons are also available to aid with commissioning and fault finding, providing details of ALL interfaces at the press of a button.

Installer Selectable Options

  • Gas Pipework Fill Time (5 or 10 Seconds)
  • Availability Timer (Off, 4, 8 or 16 Hours)
  • Availability time for Gas Only or Gas, Water & Elec

Part Numbers & Options / Accessories

Part No Description
SG-PT00 ServiceGuard System - Gas, Water & Elec
SGE-PT00 ServiceGuard System - Gas & Elec
SGW-PT00 ServiceGuard System - Gas & Water

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