Commercial Kitchens

Flamefast manufacture and supply a wide range of products to provide compliance with BS 6173 and IGEM/UP/19, including the low-cost VentGuard+ with integral current monitoring and CO2 Monitors that can be retrofitted to any installation to meet the new requirements

Commercial Kitchens
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  1. GasGuard
    The GasGuard gas proving system is designed to meet the requirements of...
  2. CO2, Temp & RH Monitor (CO2M)
    CO2, Temp & RH Monitor (CO2M)
    The Flamefast Carbon Dioxide, Temperature and Relative Humidity Monitor...
  3. Transmitter Range (TR)
    Transmitter Range (TR)
    The Flamefast Transmitter range can be supplied with any combination of Carbon...
  4. Ventguard+
    The VentGuard+ is a cost effective BS6173:2009 and IGEM/UP/19 compliant...
  5. Gas Solenoid Valves
    Gas Solenoid Valves
    This Class “A” direct acting, normally closed Gas Solenoid Valve can be...
  6. Air Differential Pressure Switch
    Air Differential Pressure Switch
    These Air DP Switches are ideal for verifying the correct operation of...
  7. Fan Current Monitor
    Fan Current Monitor
    This three channel current monitor can be used to provide a BS6173:2009 and...
  8. Remote Emergency Stop Button
    Remote Emergency Stop Button
    Our range of Remote Emergency Stop Buttons can be easily interfaced with any...
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